Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Small Businesses Management

July 13, 2024

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Small Businesses Management

Regional Specifics

Cultural Insights

Problems to SolveMost importantly this book lists and discusses the major factors for Developing Supporting Environment for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the GCC

This book provides insights to topics such as:

The Role of Small Business in the GCC Economy

The Status of Entrepreneurs and Innovation in the GCC

Challenges Facing Innovation in Small Business in the GCC

  • Supporting Culture
  • Limits of the Legal System
  • Development of a Supportive Financing Platform
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Education
  • The Need for Management Development
  • Shortage in the Facets that Build Entrepreneurial Experience
  • Empowering Businesses through Corporate Governance

Understanding The GCC’s Business System

Examples of the topics that help the students understand the GCC’s business systems are presented and discussed:

Islam, Oil and the Development of the Arabian Peninsula

GCC’s Economic System and its Role in the World Economy

Islamic Finance and Banking Practices

The Gulf Cooperation Council Economic Integration

Labor Market and Demographic Structure

The Development of Information and Communication Technologies

The Role of Small Business in the GCC Economy

The Prominence of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the GCC

The GCC Regulatory Environments:

  • Obtaining the Business License
  • Approval of the Special Requirements
  • Occupational Health and Safety Requirements
  • Protecting the Intellectual Property and Agencies
  • Satisfying Labor Requirements
  • Considering Free Trade Zones

The Role of Law, Culture, Religion, and Ethics in Managing the Day-To-Day Business

The Entrepreneurial Mind of the GCC Family Business

Challenges Facing the GCC Family Business

Case Studies

Example of the Cases Presented in the Book

  • Hurdles in breaking away from traditional thinking to create “THE 99 Superheroes”
  • The “Missing Link” in the GCC’s Innovation Processes
  • Scaling Up ARAMEX: From A Startup to an IPO Company
  • McDonalds and Subway: Different approaches to franchising in the GCC
  • Bateel: Transforming the Dates from Rags to Riches
  • The Vintage Chocolate Lounge site Dilemma: A New Location for a Vintage Experience