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About the Book

The authors’ intentions and objectives are to overcome the previously mentioned disadvantages by writing a textbook that is relevant to the GCC countries.  The book has the following criteria:


It maintains the same global sequence and steps used in the development of a business plan.

It is written in straightforward English that can be easily understood by English speaking university students of all nationalities.
It discusses the historical development of small and family business and entrepreneurs in the GCC region.

It applies examples and cases from the GCC market.

It introduces a conceptual framework on how entrepreneurial innovation evolves in the region.
It introduces the GCC institutions which support and develop entrepreneurs and business owners.
It gives examples of how GCC entrepreneurs and small and family businesses thrive.
It provides an insight on the laws and procedures that govern the small business practices.
Most importantly this book lists and discusses the major factors for Developing Supporting Environment for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the GCC